Who is SAWCIT?

The South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust (SAWCIT) is an inter-vivo agricultural trust committed to funding research to the benefit of the winter cereal industry in terms of the following mission: “To financially support market and production related scientific and/or technical research in respect of the winter cereals industry of South Africa”.
Researchers and research institutions are annually invited to submit funding applications for research to the Trust.

The voluntary levies of the South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust (SAWCIT) are utilised, to finance operational functions within the industry. It is therefore imperative to achieve sufficient participation in the payment and collection of the voluntary levies, otherwise, the functions will be negatively affected to the detriment of all role players within the winter cereal industry. These functions ensure food security, technological improvement, greater market transparency and integrity, as well as the monitoring of grain quality. These aspects are the cornerstones on which South Africa’s free market is based on to increase the industry’s international competitiveness.

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Since the deregulation of the marketing boards, the agricultural industry in South Africa, annual levies have become important to maintain its important functions. These funds enable the agricultural value chain, from producer to consumer, to be internationally competitive and therefore ensuring food security

The voluntary levies are collected by the South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust (SAWCIT) following a decision by the National Agricultural Marketing Council’s not to recommend the industry’s application for continuation of a statutory levy.

Soybeans are unloaded onto a truck in Tiskilwa, Ill.

Mission Statement

SAWCIT is a fast-growing Agricultural Trust with their main income based on voluntary levy collection on Wheat, Barley & Oats.

Vision Statement

SAWCIT aims to grow and further the growth and impact of the winter cereal Industry in South Africa and beyond.

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